George Harris - Jazz Weekly

Apr 9. 2020

Bassist Dan Loomis goes back to the oldest story and book in the Bible, the Book of Job, for an intriguing musical creation of the classic question of Theodicy, or how does one justify God in the existence of evil. Along with musicians Jeff Miles/g and Jared Schonig/dr Loomis brings in the narration of Daniel Breaker as well as Yoon Sun Choi and Song Yi Jeon to play the parts of describing the give and take and playing the parts of each role. The music itself ranges from a pastoral “Naked Return” to some avant garde and eerie “Do Not Cover My Blood” while Loomis’ bass bows with “Job’s Blues” and Schonig beats out “Words Without Knowledge”. A choir take of John Coltrane’s classic “Dear Lord” is a fitting epilogue, with the entire piece being highly recommended if not for the completely arbitrary and unbiblical view of describing God as a “She” in the “Summary”. Doesn’t that go against the entire point of the book as to Who is in charge?

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